Seekelia Jewelry


By Marina Monitto

Welcome to the world of Marina Monitto, designer and founder of Seekelia.
Seekelia creates unique hand-made Italian jewels & Bags, inspired by the precious ancient crochet technique, with a modern interpretation. "Art of crochet was a way to connect my mind, my body, and my spirit during my battle against cancer. It was like my mantra."

Marina Monitto is born and raised in a beautiful Baroque city in Sicily, Italy. Seekelia's name has inspired by the ancient people of Sicily, Sicani, and their king Sikelós. Since she was a child, her world was surrounded by the ancient handcrafting embroidery technique and passed on from generation to generation.

"I still remember my grandmother who took me to the convent where nuns taught these precious millenary embroidery tradition." Embroidery is one of the oldest trades of the Sicilian tradition, used in the past embellish trousseau of brides.

Marina's studies and profession took her in a different direction, working in the Sales Organization on a large company and lived in various countries across Europe and the US. 
Linked by a deep feeling of love for her land and the ancient female artisan traditions, Marina, during her illness, decides to leave her job and gives life to crochet handmade Italian jewelry and accessories, inspired by memories, colors, and traditions of Sicily.

With Seekelia, Marina made a modern interpretation of a millenary tradition.

"The value of time, the importance of memories, and the connection with my roots are the world of Seekelia, and I hope to make this feeling by all the women who wear Seekelia Collection."