My Story

Seekelia is a project that was born during my battle against cancer in 2018. It has been a really difficult period, but to overcome it, I decided to make my dream come true and I created Seekelia .Seekelia is the old name of my Island 'Sicilia' that gave me a life ......and now it gave me the second one!                                                     Since I grew up, I used to see different handmade ancient techniques which is passed on from generation in Sicily. My mother contributed to build my passion for fashion design, being a tailor herself and involving me in designing and selecting style, fine fabrics, buttons, laces, trimming, for several handmade clothes they crafted together during my teenager years. My studies and profession brought me to a different direction at the beginning of my career, working in the Sales Organization of a large company, then I decided to leave my  job, to grow my kids and living in 4 different countries across Europe and US. Only when my family settled down in New York I decide to follow my roots and my  deep passion, starting my own business, creating SEEKELIA.

SEEKELIA’ s mission is to support Italian craftmanship and their ancient technique, each creation is unique and inspired by the colors, memories and traditions of Sicily.