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Seekelia jewelry
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Sicilian traditional Jewelry

The art of crochet is a traditional Italian technique from the 17th century, handed down from generation to generation. These hand-crocheted earrings are made by skillful Italian women artisans, who combine ancient techniques and long experience, to create unique stunning jewelry. 
Each piece of jewelry in the Seekelia collection is a work of art, entirely hand-crocheted by a gold thread, semiprecious or glass beads, and 24KT Gold-Fillet hooks.
Seekelia earrings are both lightweight and comfortable, as opposed to large metal earrings which are heavy and less functional for everyday wear. 
Seekelia earrings create a stunning look from day to night and casual-to-special.
High-quality material, vibrant colors, and unique design make Seekelia earrings perfect for women who love to have jewelry that will last for a lifetime.




  • 24K Gold-Filled French hooks
  • Semi-precious stones, crystals, and crystals  beads
  • width 1.8’’
  • Length 2.9’’
  • Hand crocheted by Italian artisans
  • Handmade with love in Italy
  • Avoid water such as swimming pools, spas, and se
  • Sicilian traditional Jewelry