Seekelia a passion handed down from generations

Seekelia specializes in Italian handmade jewelry inspired by the Sicilian art of tatting & crochet.

There is a rich history behind the craftsmanship of the Seekelia collection. Our talented Italian artisans used ancient techniques handed down from generations. Every ring, chain, and knot is a tribute to Sicilian artistic and cultural heritage. Each piece in the Seekelia collection is a work of art, meticulously handmade by skillful Sicilia artisans, who combine ancient techniques and long experience to create unique stunning jewelry. All creations in the Seekelia collection are unique, and some pieces need weeks of work to finish.

Seekelia’s mission is to preserve Sicilian craftsmanship and the great value of ancient crafts in danger of disappearing.

Seekelia collection is uniquely crafted and inspired by the memories, colors, and traditions of Sicily, Italy.


The art of crochet & tatting is an ancient Italian tradition from the 17th century, handed down from generation to generation.

Tatting is an embroidery technique that uses a tool called 'tatting shuttle' to create rings, chains, and knots. Tatting lace has a distinctive look, wonderful definition, and a unique look. Our craftswomen make unique jewelry, whit finest details and use only high-quality laminated lurex yarn, gemstones, and semiprecious crystals.

Seekelia jewelry is lightweight and opposite all the other heavy and mass-produced jewelry.

With seekelia collection, you get a piece of Sicilian tradition.