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Donna Aretusa

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Sicilian traditional jewelry 

The art of crochet is a traditional Italian technique from the 17th century, handed down from generation to generation. These handmade earrings are made by skillful Italian women artisans, who combine ancient techniques and long experience, to create unique stunning jewelry.
Each piece of jewelry is meticulously decorated with crystal beads, natural stones, and other stunning details of the Sicilian traditions.
Seekelia Collection is uniquely crafted and inspired by the color, memories, and traditions of Sicily.


These earrings are unique with limited reproductions.

  • 925 Sterling Silver, 24Kt Gold-Plated Earrings Backs 
  • Semi-precious stones and crystals
  • Width 1.3’’
  • Length 3.5’’
  • Hand crochet by Italian artisans
  • Handmade with love in Italy
  • Avoid water such as swimming pools, spas, and sea
  • Sicilian traditional jewelry